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Beni Museum

A Museum Introducing the History and Culture of Beni and Makeup

Beni Museum is run by Isehan Honten, the last remaining Beni shop continuing on the tradition dating back to the Edo period. It offers various materials conveying the skills of making Beni handed down since Isehan Honten’s founding in 1825, as well as the history and culture of makeup.
Please apply Beni for yourself in our adjacent hands-on zone.
Beni Museum is the place where you can understand and learn about Beni, as well as experience its beauty firsthand.

About “Beni”

Beni is made by extracting pigment from safflower. Since ancient times, it has been used in products such as dyes and makeup, and reached the height of its prosperity during the Edo period. At the exhibits, you will learn about the production and distribution of safflower, as well as the trade techniques (advertising/selling) of Beni merchants, how Beni is made, and the customs surrounding Beni through models, videos, and related materials.

Room1 About “Beni”
Restoration model of Beni shop “Isehan”Late of 19th century (1/30 scale)

Restoration model of Beni shop “Isehan”
Late of 19th century (1/30 scale)

Beni making tools

Beni making tools

Amulets Mid-19th century - Early 20th century

Mid-19th century - Early 20th century

Strides of Makeup

Looks back on the history of makeup in Japan with a primary focus on the Edo period. Introduces actual makeup kits used by Edo women as well as makeup techniques mastering the three colors of red (for lips, cheeks, etc.), white (face powder), and black (lashes and Ohaguro), as told through Ukiyo-e and other illustrative resources. The exhibits also offers an overview of the transformation in lipsticks from the Beni-choco of the Edo period to the lipstick of the Showa period (1926-1989).

Room2 Strides of Makeup
Dressing table and Makeup tools 19th century

Mirror vanity box and Makeup tools
19th century

Four Seasons: Winter”Gototei Kunisada(circa 1818-30)

“Four Seasons: Winter”
Gototei Kunisada(circa 1818-30)

Lipsticks and Blushers 20th century

Lipsticks and Blushers
20th century

Beni Digital Library
<Beni Digital Library>
On a tablet, browse through beauty books published in the Edo period and makeup catalogs, and other materials related to Isehan Honten (Commercial film, etc.)

Museum Shop

Free Beni Application

All visitors are welcome to try our complimentary Komachi-beni application service. The color changes depending on the quantity applied, the amount of water used when dissolving, and the person’s lip color. Enjoy the deep, beautiful tones of Komachi-beni by either applying it on your lips or the back of your hand.

Museum Shop

Museum Shop

At the Museum Shop, you can purchase Komachi-beni, as well as other safflower-related products and Beni Museum original goods. Gift wrapping available.


1F K's Minami Aoyama Building,6-6-20 Minami Aoyama,
Minato-ku,Tokyo 107-0062, JAPAN
10:00 - 17:00
Sundays, Mondays, July 7 and the New Year holidays
Free (except special exhibitions)


Omotesando station of the Ginza, Hanzomon and Chiyoda lines: 12-minute walk from Exit B1 (stairs only), 13-minute walk from Exit B3 (elevator and escalator available).
Toei Bus
1-minute walk from Minami Aoyama 7-chome bus stop on the Toei (Metropolitan Bus) 01 or 88 that runs between Shibuya and Shimbashi Stations.

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